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Our Mission

To advance society and improve the quality of life in Arizona, we must be prepared Forex to discuss potentially divisive issues, such as growth, education, healthcare, religion, race, immigration and transportation. Our democracy is dependent upon a responsible citizenry that can, and will, wrestle with these tough issues, without partisanship, while maintaining respect for the need to hear, understand and take into account different viewpoints...

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Take the Pledge

I pledge to engage in the basic principles of civil discourse: to respect diverse points of view, listen with an open mind and speak with integrity…Pledge Now!

Upcoming Events

The partners which comprise Project Civil Discourse come from across the state. These organizations are dedicated to civic engagement and public discourse in their communities and may have an event scheduled in your town.Learn More

Photo Gallery

See some great photos of our recent events and speakers!Enjoy!






Student Video Contest Winners!
These are the winning videos from our recent Student Video Contest!
Week Six by Matt
Laugh out loud with this fun and quirky take-off on Facebook’s random question challenge.
'My' Civil Discourse by Jeremiah
Who are your civil discourse heroes? See who Jeremiah picked.
Vote by Alexander
There are many things you can do with your hand – one is more important than others.